School Registration and Payment of Fees Policy

Policy Statement:

As a general rule, all fees are due and payable at the time of registration. If an individual’s registration is being paid by an agency, the individual may be allowed to register upon receipt of documentation from the agency that payment will be provided by the registration deadline. Acceptable documentation includes agency purchase order or authorization by email or letter. An individual may not be allowed to attend the school if full payment has not been received by the first day of the school.

Position or Groups Affected:

All persons registering for either summer or winter schools.


Registration is the official completion of required documents to enroll in NCFADS schools and is not complete until payment of all fees for the applicable school.


Each registration must be secured by either a credit card, agency purchase order, authorization letter/email or check. Registrations not secured by the above methods will not be valid after the published registration deadline. The Executive Director will invoice all non-paid registrations.

If someone attends the school and payments have not been received, the individual will not receive a certificate of attendance.