The Foundation

The North Carolina Foundation For Alcohol & Drug Studies

NCFADSIn 1978, the N.C. Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Studies was chartered as a private, non-profit corporation with the support and encouragement of the N.C. Department of Human Resources, the Alcoholism Professionals of North Carolina (APNC), and the Association of Drug Abuse Prevention (ADAP). The Foundation continues its professional relationship with the organization of Addiction Professionals of North Carolina (APNC) and has expanded its relationship to include other organizations within the state which share a vital interest in the continuing education of substance abuse professionals.

The Foundation invites board membership nominations from all such organizations when filling four vacancies on its board of directors. The Foundation also appoints four members to complete a full membership slate of eight. This enables a rich heritage to be carried forward and ensures a means of planning and managing the Foundation’s two major training events: the Winter School in Greensboro and the Summer School in Wilmington. The Foundation Board of Directors and its staff meet throughout the year, planning curriculum for the schools and refining operational details to assure that the training needs of various professionals are addressed.

Each school offers, for a nominal fee, an opportunity for agencies to exhibit their materials. Sponsorship options also are available for agencies to advertise their services and help the Foundation sponsor a speaker or a specific event at each school. One of the special features of the Summer School is the Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes an individual who has made special contributions to the fields of professional alcohol and drug prevention, treatment, counseling and other related areas.

As part of its pre-planning process, the Foundation Board invites you to participate in the nomination of an individual for this award. Just print the enclosed nomination form, complete all information, and submit the package to the NCFADS office by June 1st each year.