NCFADS Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information:

The Board of the North Carolina Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Studies typically awards scholarships for the annual Summer School, and additional scholarships for the annual Winter School.

Under normal circumstances:

    • Scholarships for Summer School INCLUDES registration, on campus housing and conference meals.
    • The Summer School Scholarship DOES NOT INCLUDE transportation expenses.
    • The Scholarship for Winter School INCLUDES registration and conference meals.
    • The Winter School Scholarship DOES NOT INCLUDE lodging or transportation expenses.

However, due to COVID-19, 2021 Summer and Winter Schools will be held virtually.  Scholarships for Summer School INCLUDES registration for all four days of the virtual conference including evening sessions.


Scholarship applications for Summer School are accepted between April 1st and 30th. Notification of scholarship awards will be emailed after May 21st. 

Scholarship applications for the Winter School are accepted between October 1st and 31st. Notification of scholarship awards will be emailed after November 21st. 

Do not register for the School until you receive notification of your scholarship award. 

Foundation scholarships (for each Winter and Summer School) will be awarded to persons in the following disciplines:

— Professionals working full-time in the treatment field.
— Professionals working full-time in the areas of intervention, prevention, or education.
— Retirees desiring to maintain certification status in order to work in the field on a PRN basis.
— Para-professionals, substance abuse volunteers, or students working towards substance abuse certification.
— Nurses.

Foundation Scholarship Requirements:

  • Applicants must complete the attached NCFADS Scholarship Application Form and include the following information:

— A personal statement of justification as to why the scholarship is needed.
— The impact of training on your work in the field.
— A statement of your career goals.

  • All applications must be typed or printed clearly for readability. Please include a correct email address for direct contact.
  • Applicants must make a compelling case for needing the scholarship. This is a competitive process. You will be competing with approximately 150 others for a slot.
  • The completed application must be received by the due date indicated on the scholarship form.
  • Final selections of Foundation scholarship recipients will be made by the Board following the submission deadline.
  • All Foundation scholarship applicants will be notified of their status by the notification date indicated on the form.
  • Persons who have received a NCFADS scholarship within the past 2 years are not eligible.
  • Completion of the Scholarship Application does not register one for the Summer or Winter School.