Deb Lynskey-Lake

NCFADS-Speaker-Deb Lynskey-Lake

Deb Lynskey-Lake



Deb is the Clinical Director at Hanley Center at Origins. Since 1996, Deb has dedicated her career to the study and treatment of substance use and mental health issues affecting people of all ages. She is a certified addiction specialist who has worked as a crisis hotline volunteer, discharge planner, therapist, director of case management, and as a clinical supervisor. Deb served as Substance Use Director at one of the largest behavioral health agencies in Florida before coming to Origins Behavioral HealthCare.  In 2007, Deb trained at The Harvard School of Medicine’s Division on Addiction and was certified as an addiction specialist.

Her specialty includes working with clients who have had multiple treatment attempts and have struggled to find their own intrinsic motivation for change.  Deb’s strength is addressing addiction and its effect on brain function and chemistry as well as relapse prevention.  Deb is passionate about helping people holistically approach recovery by addressing the body, mind and spirit to reconnect them to their true selves.


Plenary-C: The Dynamics of Change: Breaking the Cycle of Substance Use Disorders and Co-Morbidities
MINI-G. Neuroscience and Dimensions of Addiction and Recovery
MINI- FF. Treating PTSD and Substance Use Disorder in Veteran and Other High Stress Occupations