Cancellation and Refund Policy

Policy Statement:

The NCFADS has established several categories of conditions under which cancellation and/or refund of participant fees will be possible. This policy is more clearly stated in the procedure section below.

Position or Groups Affected:

All persons who register for NCFADS sponsored events.


Sponsored events may be summer school, winter school, or other events designed and offered by NCFADS.

Reporting Requirements:

The ED will consult with the NCFADS Board to determine  cancellation of any event due to adverse weather conditions. The ED will also keep the board informed of the status of registrations/cancellations/refunds as needed.


Cancellations and refunds will be governed by the following conditions:

1.  Adverse Weather

a.  When adverse weather conditions dictate the cancellation of the school by the NCFADS board, full refunds will be given to all registrants.

b.  When individuals do not attend because of adverse weather conditions, but the school is being held, refunds will be limited to the registration option minus a $150 current operations fee. All requests for refunds must be in writing (postmarked or emailed) and received within 7 business days following the school.

2.  Individuals/Agencies who cancel before the registration deadline will incur a $100 administrative fee for each person. To avoid the fee, substitutes from the same agency will be allowed up until the registration deadline.

3.  Individuals/Agencies who cancel after the registration deadline but before the school begins will not receive a refund. To avoid losing the fee, substitutes from the same agency will be allowed up until the registration deadline..

4.  Registered Individuals who do not show up after the school has started will not receive a refund of payments. Furthermore, either the individuals or agencies that have been invoiced will be responsible for full payment of registration fees designated through the registration process.